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Quando la competitività è sana e vige il rispetto dei ruoli e delle regole, tutto è possibile…
Nello sport e non solo! 💪😍

Bravi, BMW e Mercedes-Benz!


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Amidst the news of Mercedes-Benz’s CEO Dieter Zetsche retiring, direct competitor BMW has unveiled a spot on YouTube dedicated to Zetshce’s exit from the company. The creatively spun spot features a lookalike of Zetsche returning his company ID, bidding farewell to his fellow colleagues on his last day at Mercedes-Benz office grounds and is chauffeured home in a Mercedes-Benz car as well. On his way back, he is seen passing a building with the Mercedes-Benz logo while pulling into the driveway of his home.
Upon reaching home and thanking the chauffeur for the ride, Zetsche is seen racing off in a BMW’s latest i8 Roadster model from the garage. The spot is titled, “Retirement is about exploring your wide open future”, and has garnered over 1.6 million views in a span of two days.” – Marketing Interactive

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